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For every bird a nest 
An artistic and scientific exploration of the challenges facing birds on the North-East Lincolnshire coast

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For every bird a nest

is a public engagement project funded by the Royal Society and University of Sheffield Public Engagement Funds, led by the bird ecologist Nicola Hemmings, the artist Judith Tucker, and the poet Harriet Tarlo and this is taking place in in the Humberston Fitties and Tetney Marshes, Cleethorpes, North-East Lincolnshire. There is a link to the website here.

The project aims to use visual art and poetry to stimulate engagement with the challenges facing UK breeding birds, and encourage people to see the world from a bird’s point of view. The project’s title itself refers to an Emily Dickinson poem, which explores the hopes and aspirations of a wren and a lark as they build their nests.

This project will comprise inside/outside creative arts workshops for members of the public and schools, held both online and in-person, throughout 2021-2022, cumulating in a final exhibition to showcase examples of co-produced poetry, art, and science.

Film: An introduction to the ‘For every bird a nest’ project and the people involved



In April 2021, bird ecologist Nicola Hemmings, visual artist Judith Tucker, and poet Harriet Tarlo, visited the RSPB site Tetney Marshes to make plans for the ‘For every bird a nest’ project. Join them as they walk through the reserve and Humberston Fitties plotland, discussing how the area informs their work and meeting some of the people who have made it their home.

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Outdoor workshop

Our first workshop will be held on Saturday 10th July 2021. See below for further details

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