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Memory postcardss

memory in place


collected on location 

23-30th July 2016

Memory Postcard - 1

52 Main Road: "Our bungalow is made up of two World War II huts from USAAF GOXHILL. Brought to the Fitties in the fifties. Legend has if that the actor Glark Gable slept in one when he was based at Goxhill."

23-30 July: Fitties Memories

The artists were on Humberston beach and in the Fitties asking local people, chalet owners and visitors to the Fitties to contribute to a memory map with their stories of this unique and particular place. 

If you weren't able to meet us on the beach and would like to send photographs and memories of your chalet in times gone by, or would like us to come and say hello to you in your fitty then please contact us or upload via our website or facebook page.

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